Halle x Orion Puppies Arrived !!

Halle and “O’s” beautiful puppies made their debut late Saturday evening, Feb 21st during a whacky snow storm!!  We were blessed with four gorgeous puppies, ALL boys, yes ALL boys!!  We have 3 chocolates and 1 cream with shiny coats!!   Everyone including Momma Halle is doing great.  The puppies are very content, nursing well and snuggling with their Mom.  Kudos to my Halle girl for an evening delivery…..we all got a good night’s sleep before we whelp Maddie Rose’s litter which is very soon!!  Way to go Halle !!!  Here are some pics of our little sweethearts.  We will post individual pics then every two weeks with updates!!  Happy Sunday everyone!


Love that milk bar !!

Love that milk bar !!


We have a climber

We have a climber


Check out the little white toe ~ So cute !!

Check out the little white toe ~ So cute !!


UPCOMING LITTER PLANS……We are currently accepting applications and deposits for our upcoming Emme and Tate litter!  This is a repeat breeding as this pair has produced lovely puppies for us in the past.  For more details, please call Vicki at (717) OR e-mail me at vickityson@comcast.net.  The first step in our process is filling in an application found on the homepage of our website.  Once received, I will contact you for more information.  Thanks so much for your interest in our puppies.  🙂




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