Lucy x Orion Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Hope everyone had an awesome New Year celebration!  We rang in the New Year without much fanfare, just snuggled and enjoyed our little munchkins and moved the crew to their “big dog” area.  They are all settled in now and loving their new digs.  Next up, bath time!  They did really well with it this evening (the blow dryer thing went “okay”) and now they’re all tuckered out ready to make their debut with our vet for their health check ups tomorrow……big day!  Weaning is going great with Momma Lucy still checking in to nurse her babies but winding down a tad now.  Here are our pups growing by leaps and bounds every week.  They decided to “bling” things up with their little Winter hats this week…….too stinkin’ cute!!  🙂


Green Girl

Green Girl


Blue Boy

Blue Boy


Red Girl

Red Girl


Chocolate Girl

Chocolate Girl


Love this one!!  This little pup just finished getting a bath and wasn’t too happy about having to deal with the blow dryer next!!  “Ole Grumpy Pants” lol ……


" The blow dryer can't be that bad buddy!! "

” The blow dryer can’t be that bad buddy!! “


Spring litters are in the works and right around the corner!!  Maddie Rose and Halle have both just honeymooned and Orion is the sire to both of these gorgeous up and coming litters!!  Look for news to be posted very soon!!  Woo hoo!!!!



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