Lucy x Orion Puppies ~ 4 Weeks

We are cheating a little this week and posting a day early because of the holiday festivities, but we didn’t think anyone would mind!  🙂  Our puppies are growing up incredibly fast, now playing with their little “gym” and a lot of different, totally fun toys!  Play-fighting with their sibs is always at their top of the list as a fun activity too!  Momma Lucy has been a fantastic new Mom, keeping her babes well fed and happy little campers.  I think the cuteness meter is off the charts with these pics this week!  I could just squeeze (and believe me I do) their squishy little faces!!  Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!  Thanks for watching our puppies grow up!!!  All these pups have forever families waiting for them……:)


Red Girl

Red Girl


Green Girl

Green Girl


Chocolate Girl

Chocolate Girl


Blue Boy

Blue Boy


Oh those darn camera flashes!!  🙂

The flash got me on this one, but I'm still cute !!

The flash got me on this one, but I’m still cute !!


More litters coming up very soon just in time for a fun Spring!!  For more details, please call Vicki at (717)870-0659 or e-mail at  Merry Christmas everyone!!





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