Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

We have 5, beautiful, five-week old babies who are rocking and rolling now!  Talk about lovey puppies…..OMG…..these pups are so sweet!  Puppy play time, cuddles and snuggles with my babies…….the best part of my day with this crew.  The latest news…..they have a lot of their teeth in already so we started them right on softened kibble and they said, yum to that!!  Zara is still nursing her babies but it is less frequent and everyone is happy with that plan.  🙂  Here are our pudge muffins…….we are posting a day early this week as we are getting ready for the arrival of Emme’s puppies very soon!  Oh, guess who gets the “model of the week” award!!  Stella girl, you are such a show off!!!!   lol


" Stella "

” Stella “


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


" Jeter "

” Jeter “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


" Charlie "

” Charlie “


More sweetness ……….

" Just chillin "

” Just chillin “


" Checking things out "

” Checking things out “


" Grumpy pants "

” Grumpy pants “


All these puppies have loving homes waiting for them.  For details on availability, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659.  Thanks much!



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