Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

Little eyes are open now!   The puppies are practicing standing and taking a few wobbly steps, not bad for 3 week old babies!  Their favorite pastime is still eating and sleeping.  By next week, they will be more steady on their feet and before you know it, they will be romping all over the whelping area.  Momma Zara is so attentive to her babies.  She wanted to get out of the nursery for a bit and spend time with us the other day (her babies were sleeping) but once she heard one of the “kids” whimper, she bolted back to see what was going on……nothing gets by her!!  Too funny!  Here are our little pudge muffins this week……growing so fast!


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


 " Stella "

” Stella “


" Jeter "

” Jeter “


" Charlie "

” Charlie “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


More fun ……


" Geez, these smell good !! "

” Geez, these smell good !! “



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