Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 2 Weeks

Oh my gosh…..our Zara litter of babies are getting so fat!  It seems like I’m changing their ID ribbons daily to fit their pudgy little necks.  🙂  No wonder…..Momma Zara is feeding them non-stop….when they start to get anywhere near hungry they are hollering like crazy!!  It’s amazing how loud 5 hungry pups can get!  Their eyes are just starting to open and for now, they are a gorgeous dark blue.  It’s hard to believe how strong they are at this young age, making their way around the whelping area with ease.  Jeter was actually standing, gearing up to try walking, when I walked in the nursery this morning!   I am really loving the silky coats and blocky bodies on these pups…….then there is cuddle time with these pups…..the highlight of my day!!  Here are our puppies for this week.  Enjoy!!


" Jeter " ~ Pardon my little ear folded over....:)

” Jeter ” ~ Pardon my little ear folded over….:)


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


" Charlie "

” Charlie “


" Stella "

” Stella “



" Granny Annie taking a peek at her grandbabies "

” Granny Annie taking a peek at her grandbabies “


" Cuddle Bugs "

” Cuddle Bugs “



Thanks so much for following our puppies along!  These pups all have loving homes waiting for them.  Currently we are accepting apps and deposits for Lucy x Orion puppies (mediums sizes, chocolates and cream/caramels) going home in January…….our little Christmas surprises!!  For more info, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or email an app to  I’ll review it and get back to you with details.  I’ll be happy to help in your decision.  Thanks so much for  your interest in our Australian Labradoodle puppies.



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