Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Our puppies are growing up super fast!!  This litter has been so much fun to raise…..they are so easy going and laid back, sweet and loving, it’s amazing; they are so much like their Daddy Schoggi mixed with the total sweetness of Momma Annie.  What a great pairing this has been!  The pups are pretty much weaned over to their dry kibble which they are loving according to their plump little bellies.  They are a hoot to watch now as they play-fight, proudly parading their toys around and playing tug-of-war.  As far as early housetraining, they are doing awesome, learning they have a special area to do their business……what smart puppies!  Here are our little munchkins this week.  We are posting a few hours early as we have an incredibly busy weekend ahead……


" Sunny "

” Sunny “


" Lizzie "

” Lizzie “


" Gracie "

” Gracie “


" Savannah "

” Savannah “


" Tallulah "

” Tallulah “


" Samson "

” Samson “


" Murphy "

” Murphy “


" Moses "

” Moses “


Puppy Fun…..

" Miss Linda checking things out "

” Miss Linda checking things out “


Thanks for looking!  We are currently accepting apps and deposits for Lucy and Orion’s adorable litter coming soon (medium size puppies, chocolates and creams with caramel markings) fun Christmas surprises, going home in January.  For details, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or email me at  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies!


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