Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week

Happy one week old birthday to our Zara x Schoggi puppies!  Schoggi boy sure has been a very busy guy making beautiful puppies for us!!  To re-cap, in this litter we have 3 boys and 2 girls, one of the girls is cream and the other pups are chocolates with splashes of white, so, so adorable!  The cream girl also has a cute little strip of white on her head as well.  Zara is being a great Momma for being a first timer!  She constantly dotes over her babies, so precious.  Her milk bar is always open so her babies are already pudge muffins, seeming to gain weight by the minute.   In about a week or so the puppies’ eyes will be open and they will be able to hear.  For now, they find their Momma by scent and they do it at record speed when they’re hungry!  Their main job now is eating and sleeping, 24/7.  Not a bad  job to have right!  Here’s our first individual photo shoot……..have a great week everyone!  All these puppies having loving families waiting for them.


Chocolate/White No Collar Girl ~ " Stella "

Chocolate/White No Collar Girl ~ ” Stella “


Green Chocolate Boy ~ " Charlie "

Green Chocolate Boy ~ ” Charlie “



Yellow Chocolate Boy ~ " Jackson "

Yellow Chocolate Boy ~ ” Jackson “


Blue Chocolate Boy ~ " Jeter "

Blue Chocolate Boy ~ ” Jeter “


Red Cream Girl ~ " Jilly "

Red Cream Girl ~ ” Jilly “


Extra Fun ………………

" Cuddle bugs "

” Cuddle bugs “


" Love my dot !! "

” Love my dot !! “


" Momma and us "

” Momma and us “


Thanks for looking!  Breaking news……we are honeymooning our Lucy and Orion……Christmas puppy surprises arriving November and going home in January!!  Accepting apps and deposits…..For more info, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 OR e-mail at 





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