Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

Here we are!!  One of my most favorite weeks with our puppies, the 3 week mark!  There are so many changes and “firsts”  happening daily.  For one, their eyes are open now and they can hear.  Although they still do their wobbly walks and barrel rolls, they are definitely, day-by-day, perfecting their standing and walking skills!  Moses was the first pup to wag his tail this week too, so precious,…..our “Mr. Personality +.”  🙂  ALL our babies were brave little souls having had their nails trimmed for the first time today, great job kids!!   They are starting to do some playfighting by pawing one another’s noses, so adorable to watch.  It’s hard not to just sit in the whelping box all day taking pictures and cuddling them, but the dust bunnies can wait!  A shout out and heartfelt thanks to Barb for helping me with house chores so I can snuggle our puppies.  This group LOVES to give kisses……what an affectionate bunch of puppy sweetness.  Did I say how much I adore this litter??  Annie continues to be a good Momma, keeping her puppies so clean and lovingly doting over each one of her babies.  From puppy land…….wishing all a fun and safe Labor Day!


" Savannah "

” Savannah “


" Samson "

” Samson “


" Lizzie "

” Lizzie “


" Sunny "

” Sunny “


" Moses "

” Moses “


" Gracie "

” Gracie “


" Murphy "

” Murphy “


" Tallulah "

” Tallulah “


More fun on picture day …..


" Peek-a-Boo Samson !! "

” Peek-a-Boo Samson !! “


" Momma Annie the Multi-Tasker "

” Momma Annie the Multi-Tasker “


Thanks for watching our puppies grow up!  All these puppies have wonderful families waiting to bring them home!!  🙂



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