Annie’s Pregnancy is Confirmed !!

Go Annie and Schoggi!!  Congrats to all our families as puppies are on their way!!  We are so excited about these babies arriving around August 9th.  Annie’s ultrasound yesterday showed a very nice litter of babies with little hearts beating a mile a minute, so very cool to watch.  Ahh…..the miracle of life!  I’ve posted a pic of the US below but it’s a tad hard to read with the glare.  The vet didn’t have a printer available so I took the pic off the screen with my cell but anyway, you can get the idea.  Annie is doing great these days, playing up her role as the “pampered mama” which she really is.  Her appetite is ravenous…..she’s eating everything that isn’t nailed down but that’s okay…she’s feeding lots of babies!!  Her snack time is frequent with baby carrots being her fav, healthy doggie treats and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Yum!!  Hope you all enjoy the photo!  Annie’s litter list is filled at this time until we see how many puppies we are blessed to have!  Stay cool everyone!!  🙂

Annie's Ultrasound

Annie’s Ultrasound


Thanks for looking!  More litters are coming up very soon!!  🙂


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