Emme x Orion Puppies ~ 4 days

Whew !! We finally had a breather here to get a few individual photos of our sweet baby girls.  Yay!!   The “kids” are gaining weight nicely and are quite the pudge-muffins!!  Mama Em is doing a fantastic job with her babies, running to tend to any little whimpers her babies make.  There are some really charming splashes of white mismarks on many of the puppies…….love them!!  Look for more photos at the one week mark and then every week thereafter.  Who doesn’t love seeing adorable little puppies growing up!  Thanks for taking a peek at our new arrivals. 🙂

" Noel "

” Noel “


" Holly "

” Holly “


" Angel "

” Angel “


" Merry "

” Merry “


" Star "

” Star “


Just for more fun……

" Chillin' "

” Chillin’ “


" Is this your baby Em ? "

” Is this your baby Em ? “


" Aww...."

” Aww….”

Have a great week everyone!!  🙂


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