Halle x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Wow……busy day!! The puppies saw our vet for their general health check up today and received all A+’s on their “report cards!”  Yay!!  I was really anxious to use my new stroller I got for the pups…..they were so comfy in it.  Everyone made quite a fuss over our cutie patooties!  🙂  Dr. Schmidt fell in love with all the pups and received lots of puppy breath kisses that he looks forward to at our visits.  He was so nice to compliment us too on how calm, cooperative and quiet they all were; I think they really dazzled him!!! 🙂  Some even fell asleep in the stroller….hard to believe they could do that with all the hub-bub going on, but they did.  So now with the cooler weather, we will have them play outside in their ex-pen.  We are working on teaching them how to climb up and down some training steps I have, doing some work with the crate, their leashes and collars.  Lots to learn, but we are making progress daily!  Here are our smart little pups at 6 weeks today…..Thanks for watching our puppies grow up!

Pink Girl

Pink Girl

Blue Boy

Blue Boy

Yellow Boy

Yellow Boy

Red Boy

Red Boy

Green Girl

Green Girl

More fun…..

My "flirty" look

My “flirty” look

Love my doc....

Love my doc….

New mode of transporting to the vet's office....love it!

New mode of transporting to the vet’s office….love it!

All these puppies have forever homes waiting for them!  Have a great week everyone!!  🙂


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