Halle x Schoggi Puppies Have Arrived !!! July 23rd !!

Breaking news….What a banner celebration day at WCL! First, it’s Halle’s birth-day for her puppies AND it’s my husband Walt and I’s 42nd anniversary!! How cool! My “royal” puppies have made their own debut today!! 🙂 So Halle went into labor this morning and by 4 p.m. had her 5 beautiful puppies, 3 boys (one cream and two chocolates) and 2 girls (one cream and one chocolate)! What a great mix and a day time delivery at that….woo hoo!! I am so-o-o excited to see how lovely their coats are already and gosh are they chubbers! One by one they found the milk bar, they each staked out their fav position, and I haven’t heard a peep out of them! 🙂 So here is a group photo for now with individual ones to come once we get everyone settled in a bit more and the nursery all nice and clean again!  Here’s the puppy pile up at the milk bar…….Thanks for taking a peek at our new arrivals!  🙂




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