Bella x Orion Puppies ~ 8 Weeks

We’ve decided to post a day early due to our crazy busy “go-home” week!  We are saying goodbye to my Bella and “O” puppies at 8 week’s old.  Gosh, where did all those weeks go…..:)  What a great litter of puppies this has been for us.  I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of puppies to raise!  I will miss these guys but they’ve all got loving homes and excited families waiting for them.  I’m sure they will cherish these puppies just as much as I have.  So these are our last set of photos of our sweet pups…..goodbye my loves!  I will miss you so…….write to us and send some pictures as you grow up!!  🙂




















We are accepting applications and deposits for Halle and Schoggi’s Fall litter going home late September.  For details, please see the Puppy News Blog of our website and feel free to call Vicki at (717)870-0659 or e-mail at  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies!





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