Bella x Orion Puppies ~ Born Today 4/10/13

Congrats to Bella and Orion on the birth of their 7 beautiful puppies today!  Bella had 5 gorgeous girls and 2 handsome boys.  One of the girls is chocolate and all the other puppies are cream like their Daddy.   Her pups were actually due yesterday but Bells decided to add a little drama in the mix, and deliver today instead.  Her labor started around 3 a.m. this morning.  I was sleeping with her in the puppy nursery and woke up to her pacing and panting so I knew that today we’d definitely have pups….and a day time delivery a that!!  Yay!  Those are a dream come true for breeders!!  🙂  Bella is a great mom and is so attentive to their little cries!  Everyone is still settling in right now so we thought we’d take a group photo to start…..thanks for looking at our new arrivals!

Room Service for the New Mom

Room Service for the New Mom


Puppy Pile Up at the Milk Bar

Puppy Pile Up at the Milk Bar


Thanks again for looking!  We are taking applications and deposits for our Halle x Schoggi litter for the Fall of this year.  This litter will be stunning!!  🙂  For more information, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or e-mail at  We’ll be happy to help you in your decision!  🙂




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