Annie x Toby ~ Pregnancy Confirmed !!

What great news to kick off 2013!! Annie is confirmed pregnant! We’re expecting her beautiful babies around the January 29th area so we’re working on getting the nursery all comfy and cozy for her.  Her ultrasound picture is below……the arrow points to a puppy whose around 2 cm. at this point.  It’s incredible how quickly they grow in utero!!   If Annie’s appetite is any indication of how pudgy her puppies will be, they will all have triple chins!!  LOL

Have a safe, happy and blessed New Year everyone! We have several litters planned for 2013, so if interested in adding one of our sweet puppies to your family, please give Vicki a call at 717-870-0659 or e-mail at for more information. We’ll be glad to help you in your decision!! 🙂

This litter is fully booked at this time.

Please meet one of Annie’s soon-to-be newborns…..


An Annie Baby

An Annie Baby


Thanks for taking a first peek at our upcoming Annie x Toby litter!  🙂




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