Emme x Tate Puppies ~ 7 Week’s Old

Sure hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! So we’re coming down the home stretch now with our puppies at 7 weeks. What a fun Christmas we had with our six babies! Even with all the family hub-bub of activities, the pups kept working hard practicing their lessons. I think Mary will be very proud of her little students when she sees them again today. I’m thrilled with how quickly they’re learning. What smart puppies!! :)Em had her “spa” day at the groomer and got a new “do.” She’s back with her guardian family now and is loving the peace and quiet I think! Great job with these lovely puppies Em!

This will be our last posting of this litter as all our puppies go home next week to their wonderful families!  I will really miss this litter as they’ve been such a joy to raise.  They are all such happy little souls!  I love you my sweet babies….:)

Wishing all a Happy New Year filled with blessings of much love,  happiness and good health! Stay safe everyone!! Thanks again for watching our puppies grow up! 🙂

Green Girl ~ Meet "Maggie"

Green Girl ~ Meet “Maggie”


Black Ribbon Girl ~ Meet "Lucy"

Black Ribbon Girl ~ Meet “Lucy”


Pink Girl ~ Meet "Stella"

Pink Girl ~ Meet “Stella”


Red Girl ~ Meet "Penny"

Red Girl ~ Meet “Penny”


Yellow Girl ~ Meet "Polly"

Yellow Girl ~ Meet “Polly”


Blue Boy

Blue Boy


Thanks again for looking!   We have several  litters planned for 2013.  For more information, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or e-mail at vickityson@comcast.net.









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