Em’s Pregnancy Confirmed = Christmas Puppies !! Yay!!

It’s going to be a very special Christmas this year….I feel like it came early!  Em’s pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound…woo hoo!  We saw at least 5 little hearts beating a mile a minute!  I am so thrilled as this litter will be stunning.  Some puppies will be gorgeous chocolates and some will be beautiful creams with caramel highlights like their Daddy…. what a nice variety of colors to choose from!  Emme was such a good girl today for her ultrasound too, so of course since our repro vet has a McDonald’s nearby, I had to treat her with an Egg McMuffin!  She scarfed up that sandwich in record time (I guess she thinks feeding all those babies is a great excuse to get fat now…:) ….then she daintily lapped some ice water out of a Micky-D’s cup!  Hilarious Em!

So right now we’re accepting only a few more deposits to complete Em’s list.  If you scroll down, you’ll see photos of Mama Em and Papa Tate with lots of details.  For even more info about their puppies, please call me at 717-870-0659 or e-mail me at vickityson@comcast.net.  Thanks for your interest in our Christmas puppies!


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  1. Posted by halle4@comcast.net on October 7, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Vicki, when I go to your blog from clicking on Comment below I see a video unrelated to Windsor Creek. Did you know it was there?



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