Just Plain Fun Photos!! Bella and Annie Litters August 2012

Happy Saturday all!  Just wanted to share some truly adorable kind of “miscellaneous” photos of both Bella and Annie puppies!  Bella’s pups are 4 1/2 weeks now and Annie’s are 3 week’s old today!  Our professional dog trainer/puppy trainer, Mary, started working with Bella’s puppies this week and will with Annie’s very soon.  I think, no I should say I KNOW, she’s truly in love with these pups judging from all the kisses and cuddles she gave each one during the 2 lessons this week!  Although the puppies are still young of course, we’ve learned a lot about each little personality already by moving them through various handling exercises.  We started luring them with peanut butter for teaching sitting and for exposing them to various surfaces and elevations.  Looking at their little P.B. covered faces, you can see they’ve found that taste to be nothing less than yummy!! 🙂  Mary will work with our puppies for several weeks, until they go to their forever homes actually.  She does a fantastic job with our puppies!  We’re very fortunate to have her training expertise available for our pups and their new families!

We also had a delightful little girl we know, Hannah, visit our puppies and handle them as only children will do.  We want our puppies to feel comfortable with kids and how they, in particular, relate to them……yet another great socialization exercise for the pups!  She was very gentle and respectful of them.   A shout out to our own “professional puppy socializer,” Hannah……thanks so much sweetie for a great job with our crew, I know they loved your kisses and hugs!! 🙂

So our Annie’s puppies are about 11 days younger than Bella’s and they’re starting to get more active with playing, etc., now but still spend a lot of time just snoozing the day away.  We’ll be having more visits by children to have fun socializing these puppies as well.  These pups are quite the “cuddle bugs” too!

So here are some random pics of my 16 little loves…..we hope you enjoy them!  We’ll be taking single photos of each puppy this week at some point and posting those.

"Home Sweet Home"

“Home Sweet Home”

“A Plain Ole’ Box is Fun ! “


"Oh that sweet face !!"

“Oh that sweet face !!”



"Now THIS is fun!"

“Now THIS is fun!”

Thanks so much for taking a peek at our “puppers!”  Now you all know why I call my job the BEST job in the whole world!!  🙂


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  1. Posted by Eileen and Claire McDonnell on August 19, 2012 at 8:42 am

    The little “puppers” are so adorable! Thanks for taking such good care of them for us. Claire would love Hannah’s job at some point in the future! We’ve been busy getting our home ready for the big arrival. See you soon.


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