Bella x Mel Puppies ~ 8 Weeks ~ Homecoming

For our final post on Bella’s first litter now at 8 week’s old, we thought homecoming pics of them with their families would be a great idea!  We have had so much fun raising this litter of puppies.  They’ve all been so delightful with their joyful and happy personalities!  I will surely miss all my sweet puppies and look forward to the updates and photos my families send to me.  I LOVE watching our pups grow up!!  My thanks to our wonderful trainer, Mary Smallwood, who has put her heart and soul into giving our puppies a great “paw up” on introducing them to basic commands.  She’s also introduced them to proper corrections of behaviours that are common in pups such as jumping up, nipping, gnawing on leashes and such.  The pups have learned so much in Puppy Preschool, it has been amazing!   We are especially proud of Bella in the wonderful job she did in raising her babies.  My heartfelt thanks to all our awesome puppy families who were so nice to work with and for providing our puppies with such great homes.  I’m sure our puppies will give their families wonderful loving companionship for many years to come!  🙂

Thanks to all who have followed our puppies as they grow up!  🙂  I think you can tell by the look on the faces of our puppy folks that it was total “love at first sight” when they saw their new family member!  🙂

From Walt and I and our Doodle Family, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and many blessings for the New Year!

Lacy and her Family ~ The littlest Santa ever !!


Tater and his guardian family


Murphy and Family


Bing and Family


Zoey and Family with Big Brother Doggie, Ziggy !





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