Bella x Mel Puppies ~ 7 Weeks

I just can’t believe my precious puppies are going home in about a week now!  I have been totally in love with this litter since they were born!  They’ve been such fun pups to raise……so much my little lovies, very mellow and sweet.  Their tails wag all the time and they all give such wonderful kisses to us!  Their coats are fabulous fleece feeling so silky and soft.  Bella and Mel truly were a match made in heaven having blessed us with these sweet babies!!

We’ve lots of pictures to share this week including training exercises we’ve done with the pups and holiday photos! 🙂  Our puppy trainer, Mary, has done a great job with the puppies as always and will be giving valuable training info to our families as they each take their pups home.  Our Puppy Preschool has given our pups a great introduction to basic obedience and corrections and it’s all been mixed with lots of praise and love!

Thanks for taking a peek at our soon-to-be puppy preschool graduates.  We hope you enjoy our festive holiday photos of our crew!  The photo shoots went surprisingly well considering at this age, puppies are more interested in anything BUT getting their pictures taken!  lol 🙂  Have a great week everyone and enjoy your holiday shopping!!

"Lacy" ~ formerly Tilly Cream Girl ~ Joining the Werner Family


"Zoey" formerly known as Yellow Chocolate Girl ~ joining the Sullivan family


"Lotta" formerly known as Pink Cream Girl - Joining the Koenig family


"Bing" formerly known as White Ribbon Chocolate Boy ~ Joining the Bingham Family


"Murphy" formerly known as Red Cream Boy ~ Joining the Hanson Family


"Tate" ~ Formerly known as Iced Caramel Boy ~ Retained by WCL ~ Joining his Guardian Family Scott and Dianna

More pics of our little beauties ……

A wonderful "puppy socializer" came to play with our babies !!


A second expert "puppy socializer" joined the fun !!


Mary teaching "sit" !! Good boy!!


"How did I do Mary??" Great job buddy !!


Practicing "drop it"


Oops...I found something else to chew on !! Oh well, I need to work on "leave it" some more..


Okay, I KNOW I can have THIS to chew on!! Yay !!


We have more adorable pictures on Facebook of Windsor Creek Labradoodles if anyone wants to take a peek …..:) 



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