Bella x Mel Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We were busy with puppies of course but definitely took time out for a yummy family meal!!  🙂

Our puppies are pretty much well onto their way to being totally weaned.  They have sharp little puppy teeth, not all totally in yet, but quite a few are there so Bella is winding down nursing her babies.  It takes her a few short minutes to nurse and then she just hangs out and has fun playing with the crew.  The puppies pull on her beard or chew on her tail, but she’s so mellow about it and just takes it all in stride.

This week they’ll see our vet for their first check up and vaccinations and they’ll be microchipped as well.  We gave them their first baths this morning.  They all loved the bath part, but the blow dryer was a tad scarier with the noise and all.  All in all, they were pretty good with it though! 🙂  Mary will be back for more classes this week so we have a full schedule planned for the next several days…..

Here are our first Christmas-themed photos of the puppies…….have a great week everyone!

"Tilly" cream girl


Yellow Chocolate Girl


Pink Cream Girl


Red Cream Boy


White Ribbon Chocolate Boy


Green Iced Caramel Boy

More pics …….


Playing with blocks !! Smart pupper !!


Denny hanging out with his new little friend !!


Is somebody getting coal in his Christmas stocking ???



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