Bella x Mel Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Our puppies have been busy learning lots of new things this week!  We’re talking intro to housetraining “101,” moving through the weaning process and beginning puppy preschool lessons for starters. Whew!  Bella’s also teaching the “kids” discipline when playtime gets a little rough.  She corrects with a gentle growl or nudge.  Hmm…..sound familiar to all you Moms out there??? 🙂

We have pics of our trainer working with the puppies which are so darn cute!  Mary is very impressed with our students!!   The pups are all so eager to learn and experience new things at this age…they are all little tail waggers loving lots of praises and kisses for a job well done!  🙂

Hope everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!!  We’ve lots to be thankful for….starting with these six little beauties!!  🙂

Here we are ……

Pink Cream Girl


Yellow Chocolate Girl


"Tilly" Cream Girl


Green Iced Caramel Boy


Red Cream Boy


White Ribbon Chocolate Boy


More pics of the week……

"SRO" at the milk bar now !


Tilly's claimed this bed as hers


Oh this is fun !!


Mary mixes in lots of love with her puppy lessons !!


Problem solving .....


Great fear here !!


Submissive Positioning Exercise


Motion Exercises ~ Getting Ready for Car Riding !


Early Sitting ~ Using goat's milk for a treat! Great job buddy!


Learning command of "let's go!!" What a smart pupper !!


More problem solving..."I can figure this out myself !!"


No fear of obstacles here !!


"For my training treat, I'm a PB man !! "


"Ok....I can solve this issue !"





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