Bella x Mel Puppies ~ 4 Weeks

At 4 weeks, we’ve lots of neat things going on with our puppies these days!  First, we’ve started housetraining them beginning on puppy wee pads, and they’re definitely “getting it!!  Yay!  This week, we’ll start to wean them on puppy gruel which the babies always find yummy.  Until they get the hang of eating this type food, they’ll look more like they’re taking baths in it rather than eating much of it.  Bella will help clean up little puppy faces and such….just like a good Mom does! 🙂  She’ll keep nursing them in between their 3 feedings a day of this new food and will still spend lots of time with them.

Time for Puppy Preschool to begin!!  Our professional dog trainer, Mary, will start working with the pups this week which is so-o-o exciting!!  For starters, she’ll use goats milk to lure them into a sitting position and will do many more special exercises with them with each lesson.  They are very eager to learn at this age, and I can tell they are very smart puppies already!!!

The babies are doing more play-wrestling, barking and vocalizing with each other.  We’ve introduced them to a variety of toys to keep playtime fun and interesting.  They LOVE the play gym we have in their area….they especially like to bat at the hanging toys and chew on the different rattles.  🙂

I think in these pics at week 4 you can really tell how fast they’re growing!!  Thanks for taking a peek at our sweet babies!!  🙂  Have a great week everyone!

Green Iced Caramel Boy


White Ribbon Chocolate Boy


Red Cream Boy


Pink Cream Girl


"Tilly" Cream Girl


Yellow Chocolate Girl


More pics of the week ………

"Can we all fit in here at the milk bar??"


Two mischievious puppies talking over their "plan of escape"


Ok, ready, set, go.....we're outta here !


Hey you guys!!! I'm some attention to me !!


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