Bella x Mel Puppies ~ 1 Week

Happy 1st week birthday puppies!  Our new arrivals are doing just great as is proud momma Bella.  It’s incredible to see how pudgy our puppies have become in just this first week.  They’ve basically gained 1-2 ounces a day, just perfect!!  They don’t like their weigh-ins though, as they squirm and protest about them every time.  Watchful Bella just sits there and stares at me as if to say, “hurry up and get this done, my babies don’t like what you’re doing!!”  🙂

Puppy sense of smell and touch guide them to their mom to nurse.  Their eyes will open in about a week or so and then when ear canals open, they’ll slowly begin to respond to sudden or loud sounds.  We’ve begun doing the set of (5) “Super Dog” exercises with them which is basically early neurological stimulation.  These exercises increase their ability to learn, perform and handle stress.  Although they are so young, it’s amazing the important things you can do with them now to lay the foundation for raising a great puppy!!

We play classical music in the nursery, basically for Bella to mellow on.  New doodle moms prefer a quiet, calm environment.  In a week we’ll have the puppies listening to that CD as well as a special CD that contains “Sounds of Life” so they get used to a variety of life’s noises early on and are not fearful of them.  Later we’ll let them tune into the “oldies” and “top 40” to rock out!!  🙂

Thanks for checking in with us to see how we’re doing in our first week!  Happy Fall everyone!!!

First week “Baby” Pictures…… 

Green Iced Caramel Boy


"Tilly" Cream Girl


Pink Cream Girl


Red Cream Boy


White Ribbon Chocolate Boy


Yellow Chocolate Girl


"Pampered Bella ordered room service today"


"Seriously...this is comfortable? Guess so! "


"A group snooze !!"





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