Bella x Mel Puppies Arrived ~ October 16th

Hi everyone!!  There’s lots of excitement in Windsor these days!!   Bella’s babies arrived in the wee hours of Sunday morning 10/16.  We were blessed with 6 puppies, 3 handsome boys and 3 beautiful girls.  Our rainbow of colors are absolutely beautiful with 1 cream boy, 1 iced caramel boy and 1 chocolate boy.   Our girls’ colors consist of 2 cream girls and 1 chocolate girl.  We are over the top about this stunning litter of varied colors and genders.  Great job Bella and Mel!!  🙂

Bella’s labor began Saturday evening and continued through the night until her first puppy was born at 4 a.m.!  It only took her an hour and a half and wa-la….all puppies were born!  That is just incredible as many times puppy births take hours to complete.  She was such a trooper about the whole event too, being a first-time mom and all.   It took her and I the day to recuperate and get the nursery in order but we’re off and running today, getting our “second” wind!  Bella is such a wonderful mama.  She’s very attentive to her babies and when she hears any whimper, she’s right there in a flash to see who needs tended to….what a “super” mom she is!!

So to begin our first week with our puppies, we will be busy weighing them daily and taking special care to Bella’s needs as well as her babies.   The pups are nursing very well and basically their days and nights consist of eating and sleeping, what a life right??  We will post puppy pics and updates frequently.   It’ll be so much fun to see much they grow over the next few weeks and start to look like real little puppies!!!  🙂

Thanks to our families for being so patient in waiting for our precious puppies and to all for taking a first peek at our newborns today!  Have a great week everyone!  🙂

Introducing Bella and Mel’s Pride and Joy!

Green Iced Caramel Boy


Pink Cream Girl


Red Cream Boy



"Tilly" Cream Girl


Yellow Chocolate Girl


White Ribbon Chocolate Boy


A couple more pics……..

"Oh what a bunch of snuggle bugs!"


"Here's our Proud Mama !"





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