Annie x Vince Puppies ~ 7 weeks

Gosh, I can’t believe I only have another week with our precious puppies!  The weeks somehow got away from me.   I will SO miss these puppies!   They all have such fun personalities!!!  Our pups are happy little souls, hilarious in their puppy antics especially when they play tug-of-war with their fav toys, a sock monkey, a raccoon and a fox.  There’s lots of excitement in the air already, as I think they somehow know something different and special will happen next week when they meet their new families!  🙂

This week’s photos were trickier than ever to take as they really preferred to “rock and roll” instead of sit still for a pic, but they definitely hung in there with me!  Thanks for following our puppies along in their journey with us.  We’ll take puppy-family pictures next week as each pup leaves us.   Have a great week everyone!

Pink Girl

Light Green Girl

Light Blue Boy

Green Boy

Black Ribbon Boy

Yellow Boy

More Misc Photos…….

Mary teaching motions of car riding, boat riding

Luring with PB, teaching "let's go" command and leash work

Incorporating "sit" with motion exercise


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