Annie x Vince Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Our puppies are growing up fast!  We moved the crew into a larger area over the weekend.  We’re working on housetraining, training with Mary and all-round socialization and exposure to all kinds of sounds and situations.  Mary started classes last week with the pups and they all are “stars” already!  It’s amazing at this young age, how well they respond and how much their little minds soak up each training and tactile stim exercise done with them.  What smart little doodles we have!!!

Mama Annie’s nursing duties are slowly winding down.  The puppies love their kibble!!!   Meal time is pretty much a circus with pups stepping into their food and all the mess making, but the whole ordeal done three times a day is pretty fun to watch.  Annie even helps clean them up afterwards, so it’s like the old saying….”Mom’s work is never done!”

We hope you enjoy the pics this week!  Each week I have to get faster at trying to capture 6 little impatient puppers…..:)  Thanks for watching our pups grow up!

Pink Girl


Light Green Girl


Green Boy


Light Blue Boy


Yellow Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Some pics with Mary working with the puppies ……

First we start with "love"


Luring into sit position with goat's milk, "yummy!"


Learning how to be calm in a different position


"Okay, now what do I do?" Problem Solving


"Okay, where's that tasty goat's milk???"




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