Annie x Vince Puppies ~ 4 Weeks

Oh how we love this stage in our puppies!  Each one is developing their own little personalities now.  It’s so cute to hear them vocalizing with one another as they play fight, making little barking and yipping sounds.  We have a play gym in their area that has some interactive things on it for them to bat at and chew on.   We also rotate different toys for them to play with too.  This is such a happy-go-lucky group of pups…….. as soon as I come into the nursery, I have six little puppy tails all wagging for attention!  🙂

We have our professional dog trainer, Mary Smallwood, coming tomorrow to start working with our puppies so we’ll have more cute pictures to share of her with the pups.  She’ll be doing a couple of classes a week with them over the next several weeks working individually and as a group.   It’s amazing how smart they are at such a young age and how much they are capable of learning right now.

Hope everyone is staying cool this week.  It’ll be a hot one!  We’ll be getting the puppies out in their exercise pen in the shade for the morning hours very soon.  Thanks for taking a peek at our puppies!

Pink Girl


Light Green Girl


Light Blue Boy


Yellow Boy


Green Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


A Few More of the Week ……………….

"Standing Room Only at the Milk Bar"


"Puppy Dreamin'"


"Waking up ~ Ready for playtime at the gym"


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