Annie X Vince Puppies ~ 3 Week’s Old

We’re posting a day early as tomorrow is a very busy Monday.  I just love this stage of development in our puppies!  They’re getting the hang of walking better by the day and they also respond to my voice with a turn of their heads.  Now they’re listening to our CD of “everyday sounds” along with a CD of classical music.  It’s  interesting but the reason why we play classical is because there are alot of different instruments in that type music to give them the best variety of sounds.

Of course they’re getting lots of spoiling, cuddles and hugs all day!  You just can’t be close to them and not love up those little squishy faces!  🙂  Annie is starting to feel more comfortable getting away from her babies to join the rest of the family, but oh when she hears a whimper out of someone, she’s right back in the nursery to check out her babies.  It won’t be long before we’ll be starting them on puppy mush that they’ll enjoy lapping up and taking a “bath” in until they learn how to eat! 🙂

It looks like we had a “yawning” contest going on today with some of our babies during the photo session below.  Either they were very tired or completely bored with the whole thing!  🙂  It’s hard to believe their little mouths can open this wide!  Have a great week everyone and thanks for watching our puppies grow ~

Pink Girl

Blue Boy

Yellow Boy

Dark Green Boy

Light Green Girl

Black Ribbon Boy

Now for the “yawning” contest today …….


"I'm bored.....are we done yet?"

"Please excuse me, but I just woke up"

"This is my "girly" yawn"

"Okay, this HAS to be the winner!!"


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