Annie x Vince Puppies ~ 2 Weeks Old

Happy 4th of July!  Our sweet puppies are growing like weeds.  As you can see in most of the pictures this week, their eyes are starting to open.  Many are trying to scoot up on all fours doing their puppy wobble walk!  Early on here, I can see the coats of these puppies will be fabulous.  Many have gentle waving in them indicating very beautiful fleece coats with some having slight curl, simply awesome.  Our boys are little “brick houses” built very solid in conformation.  Our girls have more delicate features….they truly are our “girly girl puppies!!”  🙂

Mama Annie is constantly nursing her babies and it shows in their pudgy little tummies.  There’s lots of love, cuddles and kisses being given to this crew, no doubt the best part of my day!

Have a fun Holiday and thanks for looking at our puppies!

Pink Girl

Blue Boy

Yellow Boy

Dark Green Boy

Light Green Girl

Black Ribbon Boy

More cute pics……..

"A pair of cuddle bugs"

"A 6 doodle pile up"

"Okay, I'll take the 1st watch!"


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