Daisy Puppies ~ 7 week’s Old

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe our puppies are 7 week’s old!  We’ve been really busy this week finishing up training classes with Mary; in addition, the puppies had their spay and neuter surgeries.  Everyone did quite well and the pups are back to their old selves, zooming around playing and having puppy fun!  We are preparing for them to meet their new families next week.  This is such an exciting time for both families and puppies!  🙂

Mama Daisy returned to her wonderful guardian family, the Cocchi’s, last weekend.  I don’t know that everyone was aware but, these puppies were Daisy’s grand finale’ litter for us.   She will now be spayed and live out a happy and fun retirement with her family.  I will really miss having our sweet Daisy in our breeding program, but saying goodbye to her is made much easier knowing she’ll be cherished and much loved by the Cocchi’s.  As good friends of her guardian family, we will keep in touch with Daisy and have get-togethers to look forward to through every year.   My heartfelt thanks goes out to my Daisy for all the beautiful puppies she’s given me and for all the wonderful puppy families she’s made so happy!  We love you Daisy!!  🙂

Thank you to all who have watched our puppies grow up!   We hope everyone has a fun Memorial Day weekend as well! 

Halle ~ Retained by Windsor Creek Labradoodles


Stella ~ Prasad Family


Ella ~ McAuley Family


Mattie ~ McGrath Family


Finnegan ~ Dwyer Family


Cooper ~ Cybulski Family


Bernie ~ D'Avella Family


Flynn ~ DiDonato Family

Now for some more cute pics of the week !!!

Mary thinks this is the best part of being a trainer !!


"Here I come"


"Our expert puppy socializer !! "


"Lots of puppies to love"


"Is that really you Mary ??"





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