Daisy Puppies ~ 6 Week’s Old

Our puppies are growing up really fast and are learning new “firsts” every day!  They had an exciting week so far, having their first car ride for their first health check-up at our vet’s office.  They were were all so brave about their vaccines with barely a yip or flinch!  Of course our vet and staff made quite a fuss over them all, cuddling and kissing each one.  When we got home, they all “crashed” and took a long snooze to re-group!  🙂

Our trainer, Mary, continues to work with our puppies a couple times a week.  She is very impressed with each puppy’s great personality and their progress so far.  They are now learning the feel of collars and leashes and how to respond to the “let’s go” command.  In addition, we are working on the sit-hold as well as motion training always giving positive reinforcement, praise and kisses for a job well done.  Correction on hard nibbling on fingers and toes as well as jumping up is done to discourage those types of behaviors early on.  What smart puppies we have!  We are so proud of them all!

We hope you enjoy this week’s photos.  Have a great week everyone!  🙂







"Finnegan" ~ Formerly Blue Boy








"Halle" ~ Windsor Creek Daisy's Legacy

Here are some fun photos of the week ……..

"I am so brave !!"


"Good puppy !!"


"Learning about collars and leashes"


"How am I doing Mary?"


"Time for kisses !!"


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