Daisy Puppies ~ 5 Week’s Old

We’ve been incredibly busy this week!  Last weekend we moved the puppies into a larger area and they’re having a blast running around and playing there.  They have lots of different toys to enjoy, squeakers, a sock monkey (they love that guy) and tons of other fun stuff.  They’re doing great with weaning and although Daisy still nurses them, she is is slowly winding down her duties.  They’ve started housetraining too and know there is a place to eat, sleep, play and do their business.  Smart pups!  Our trainer, Mary, is working with the puppies regularly and together we are doing desensitization exercises with them, teaching them an early sit command and doing all kinds of things to help build their confidance which is so important.  Today we began a particular exercise that will help them get comfortable with motions such as car rides, boat rides, etc..  It is so amazing how quickly they learn at this young age! 

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our puppies.  Have a great week everyone!

"Halle" ~ Formerly Pink Girl ~ Retained by Windsor Creek Labradoodles


"Stella" ~ Formerly Light Green Girl


"Ella" ~ Formerly known as Yellow Girl


"Mattie" ~ Formerly Black Ribbon Girl


Blue Boy


"Cooper" ~ Formerly Light Blue Boy


"Bernie" ~ Formerly Red Boy


"Flynn" ~ Formerly Green Boy


"Where the action is !!"


"Training with Mary" ~ "Let's Go" Exercise


"What a good puppy !!"


"Taking notes" ~ I'm doing so well !!


"Motion Exercises" ~ "I've got the hang of this one !!"


"Great see-saw!" "This is fun !!"


"Lots of Puppies" ~ "Aren't we cute !!"









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