Daisy Puppies ~ 4 Week’s Old

Happy May everyone!  Our puppies are certainly growing up!!  All our little ones are showing their own unique personalities.  They are now really aware of their surroundings.  When I talk and sing to them, they perk their heads up searching for my voice, as if to say, “I know who you are, it’s time for kisses and cuddles!”  🙂 

Here’s the latest……We’ve started some early housetraining.  Mama Daisy will be with them frequently for some time  yet, nursing them often, but we want to introduce them to puppy mush this week.  It’s always a hoot to watch their first meals as they usually bath themselves in it rather than get much in their bellies!! 

We’re so excited that our professional dog trainer, Mary, will meet our puppies this week.  She’ll begin working with each puppy individually.  She will teach them simple commands and basic good puppy manners as the weeks go by.  We’re gently introducing the puppies to different sounds and surfaces for tactile stimulation as now is a critical time in their social development.  So all in all, we’ll be very busy focusing on teaching our pups all kinds of wonderful things so they can grow up to be super dogs!!  🙂

We hope you enjoy this week’s pics.  Photo sessions are getting a bit trickier to accomplish as our crew can be a bit wiggly at times, but we do our best!  Thanks everyone for taking a peek at our babies!

Pink Girl


Light Green Girl


Black Ribbon Girl


Yellow Girl


Light Blue Boy


Blue Boy


Red Boy


Green Boy

Now for our “fun” pics of the week……

"Gosh sis, you make a great pillow!!"


"Having some fun at the gym!"






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