Daisy Puppies ~ Three Week’s Old

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  Our puppies are doing just great…they’re such a lively crew at three weeks, starting to play-fight and chew on one another’s ears and noses.  Every now and then you’ll hear a little yip/bark, so cute.  They are so much fun to watch and cuddle with….housework and other chores can wait!
We play music for them in the nursery; they love soft rock!  🙂  I’ve also introduced them to a special CD filled with different sounds of life such as vacuum cleaners, babies crying, traffic noise, etc..  They really enjoy a “play gym” that has some interactive things on for them to experience as well.  Next week we’ll be introducing them to puppy mush.  The pups are doing well with having us trim their nails, everyone is very brave!  🙂

Thanks so much for watching our puppies grow.  We hope you enjoy our new pics!    Have a great week everyone!!!

Green Boy
Red Boy
Light Blue Boy
Blue Boy
Black Ribbon Girl
Yellow Ribbon Black Girl
Light Green Girl
Pink Girl






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