Daisy Puppies ~ Two Week’s Old

Here we are at two weeks old now!  It is so amazing how quickly our puppies are growing and changing from day to day.  Some of the puppies are just starting to open their eyes as you’ll see in this week’s pics.  They’re also starting to stand and do their “wobble walk.”  It won’t be long before they are running around their whelping area!  My chunky monkey puppies are still doing lots of eating and sleeping…..what a life!  🙂  They also make cute little purring sounds sort of like kittens….so funny!  We trimmed nails again this week, they tend to really grow fast at this age.  Everyone slept right through this little grooming detail, no problem!  Walt does the clipping and I hold the puppies….ahh….teamwork!  🙂 

As for Mama Daisy, she is getting more comfortable leaving the whelping box for short periods while they sleep, but when she hears any little noise from them, she’s running right back in there to check it all out.

We hope you enjoy this week’s photos.  You can really tell how much they’ve grown since last week!   Thanks so much for taking a look at the progress of our new little blessings!   Happy Easter everyone!  🙂

Pink Girl

Light Green Girl

Yellow Girl

Black Ribbon Girl

Blue Boy

Light Blue Boy

Red Boy

Green Boy


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