Daisy Puppies ~ One Week Old !!

Hello puppy lovers!  Our babies will be a week old tomorrow!  I think these guys are getting chubbier by the minute!  Daisy sure does a great job as a mum.  Any little cry she hears, and she’s right there to see what’s going on.  Last night at midnight one of my girls was crying and was just inconsolable.  Daisy and I couldn’t figure out just what was wrong, but I thought this  pup might have a tummy ache.  So my own “momma” instincts kicked in.  I just snuggled this gal up in a warm blanket next to me and rocked her just like I did my own kids when they were little.   Amazingly, she soon fell asleep and wa-la, she was “all better!!”   I put her back in with her littermates and she’s back to her ole self this morning.   That rocking chair idea for the puppy nursery sure did come in handy last night!  🙂 

At three days old, we started our puppies on the “Super Dog/Bio Sensor” set of 5 exercises that will continue until they are 16 days old.  These early neurological stimulation exercises are done with each puppy once a day.  Our goal is to increase our puppies’ ability to learn, perform and handle stress.  It is a very interesting concept.  If you’d like to learn more about this program, just follow the  link to “Breeding Better Dogs.”

Now for the really fun part of the week…. more pictures of our puppies.  We hope you enjoy the new “Spring Themed” photos and thanks so much for watching our babies grow up!  🙂

Pink Girl

Light Green Girl

Yellow Ribbon Black Girl

Cream Girl

Blue Bloy

Light Blue Boy

Red Boy aka "Smiley" this week !!

Green Boy

I wanted to share some cute misc pictures too……

"I think somebody's getting bored"

"Now here's some serious puppy dreaming going on"

"Now THAT's a yawn !!"


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