Daisy’s Puppies Have Arrived !!

Hi everyone!  We’ve exciting news to share….in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Daisy delivered 8 beautiful puppies!  We were truly blessed with a nice mix of genders and colors as you’ll see in the pictures posted below.  Everyone is healthy and Daisy is doing a super job as mama to her sweet babies.  Daisy and I finally got a good night’s sleep last evening so today we wanted to get our announcement and pictures to our wonderful puppy families!

In this first week,  our newborn puppies will spend 90% of their time sleeping.  In between, they’ll nurse and snuggle at mama’s side.  Right now they can’t see or hear but their senses of touch and smell guide them to mum.  They are so cute to watch when they sleep as they make quick little twitches as if they are dreaming.  This is actually called “activated sleep.”  Even at this newborn stage, we begin cuddling our puppies often so they will get used to our touch and be very comfortable with it.  It’s so amazing to see how our babies will grow week to week so we’ll be posting pictures and progress updates as they grow up with us!  🙂

We  hope you enjoy our first photo session of Daisy’s puppies!  Thanks for taking a peek at our new little blessings…

Pink Girl

Light Green Girl

Yellow Girl

Black Ribbon Cream Girl

Blue Boy

Light Blue Boy

Red Boy

Dark Green Boy

"A yummy breakfast at the milk bar"


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