Now accepting 2 more deposits ~ Daisy/Cooper Litter ~ arriving soon!

Oh my gosh, delivery day for Daisy’s puppies is just about here!  We are getting so excited for these babies to make their debut!

Because (by her x-ray yesterday) we are expecting more puppies than anticipated, we are accepting (2) more deposits.  Daisy’s tummy is absolutely huge now and she has an appetite to nourish those babies, that’s for sure.  🙂  Breakfast starts her day with at least 4 scrambled eggs and lots of other goodies in between so she’s making sure she delivers some real chubbers!  🙂

The puppy nursery will be ready this week so all we need is for Daisy to get busy and get those puppies delivered.

We will post pictures of our little blessings upon their arrival so stay tuned for more info coming very, very soon.  If interested in reserving one of these awesome Daisy/Cooper pups, I’d love to chat further.  I can be reached at (717)870-0659  or E-mail at  Please scroll below for pictures of the parents.   Thanks so much!


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