Annie’s Puppies ~ 7 Weeks

Hi everyone!  Here we are at the 7-week mark already winding down with Annie’s beautiful litter of puppies going home next weekend.  All our puppies have forever loving homes waiting for them!  These puppies have been such a joy to raise and although I will miss each one of them, they are ready to join their new families and continue their journey through puppyhood there.

Our crew is happy, healthy and acting like  “Energizer Bunnies”, they keep going and going,  playing and wrestling with one another non-stop.  There’s kind of an excitement in the air for them.  I think they secretly know they’ll be leaving us soon to join their new families.  We have decided to retain green girl, now known as Emmeline, aka “Emme” to hopefully one day join our breeding program once she’s passed her health testing.  We’ve found a lovely guardian family for her whom I know are going to love and spoil her to pieces!  🙂

It’s been a busy week here, having them get their first vaccines done and wellness exam with our vet.  They all received “A+’s” on their health report card.  Yeah!!!   Each pup was very brave and there wasn’t too much “drama” with the injections, however, by the time we got home though, everyone was ready for a nap to re-group….that definitely didn’t last long though!!  🙂

We sure have been very blessed with absolutely stunning puppies from this breeding pair of Annie and Xander, from their silky fleece coats to their unbelievebly sweet and loving temperaments!  I just wanted to also thank all our wonderful families whom I’ve enjoyed working with and whom I’m sure will love, spoil and cherish their pups as much as we have.  We also appreciate all the folks who have watched our puppies’ pictures and updates each week as well.  Now for some cute little faces at 7 weeks…….

Lime Green Boy ~ Webb Family

Pink Girl ~ Golubitsky Family

Yellow Boy ~ Luciani Family

Red Boy ~ D'Avino Family

Blue Boy ~ Diaz Family

Emmeline aka "Emme" ~ Retained ~ Guardian/Panaro Family


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