Annie’s Puppies ~ 6 Weeks Old!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Well our crew is now 6 week’s old today and oh my gosh how they’ve grown!  Annie has pretty much weaned them now and they’re eating kibble and loving it.  You can really feel those puppy-sharp, needle teeth without a doubt.  We’ve started teaching them “no bite” correction as they need to learn that it’s not okay to nip on our fingers and toes.  We use positive reinforcement in correction and replace our fingers with a proper chew toy instead.  They are extremely smart and are learning quickly as to what we expect of them.

Our puppies are romping and playing more and more, napping less, and just loving puppy life in general.  What a hoot they are to watch and to interact with, each having their own little personalities.  We hope you enjoy this week’s photos.  You can really see in these pictures how much they’ve grown.  Have a great week everyone and thanks for watching our pups grow up!

Lime Green Boy

Pink Girl

Yellow Boy

Blue Boy

Red Boy

Green Girl


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