Annie x Xander Puppies ~ 5 Weeks Old

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!!!  Our update is fast forward to seeing our puppies who will be 5 weeks old as of tomorrow.  We had an especially fun Christmas this year watching Annie’s pups move into their play-fighting stage.  They are all simply hilarious in their antics, biting one another’s ears, noses and tails.  Never a dull moment around our home these days!  This stage of their early socialization is known as “inhibited bite” and is how they learn about social structure and pack ranking.  We’ve started weaning them on some soft puppy gruel as they’re developing some teeth now so Annie is definitely getting ready to start the weaning process!  🙂  She still spends lots of time with them but is definitely slowly winding down in her mama duties.  She’s done a fantastic job lovingly raising her beautiful babies so kudos to Annie!

We hope you enjoy the new pics of our puppies at the 5-week mark and want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!  Thanks so much for following our puppies along in their journey through early puppyhood! 

Yellow Boy

Blue Boy

Pink Girl

Lime Green Boy

Red Boy

Dark Green Girl

Some fun “outakes” 🙂

Standing Room Only At the Milk Bar

Our New Play Area …….

Home Sweet Home


MY doggie!

Rescue Doggie getting his ear chewed on!


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