Annie Puppies ~ Three weeks old !!

Hello everyone!  Here’s the latest on our crew now at three weeks.  All are moving into what I call their “toddler” stage of development.  They’re really getting active, doing their wobble walk and now and then, some of them just do the quick step and off they go!  All little eyes are open and they can hear me now when I call “puppies” as they’ll perk their heads up and follow my voice.  We’ve introduced lots of fun toys as well as a mobile to play with, and we’re softly playing a CD of  “life sounds” for them so they get accustomed to things like vacuum cleaner sounds, outdoor noises, other animal sounds, etc..  They are all such cuddle bugs and are continuing to develop into awesome doodles.  It’s really difficult to get any real work done around the house these days because loving on the pups is more fun and more important!!!!  Chores can wait, pups first!!! 

As you’ll see from the photos we took today, they’re all telling Santa they’ve been good.  Isn’t that amazing!  🙂  We also snapped some really cute misc pics that we hope you’ll enjoy as well.  Thanks for following our babies along as they grow up…..

Blue Boy

Green Girl

Pink Girl

Yellow Boy

Red Boy

Light Green Boy

Some really fun photos to share …………………………..

Wow! What did Mom get us now!

"Play time"

"We're Lovin' This Toy"

"Mum Taking Good Care of Us"

"Little Bellies Are Full ~ Nap Time!"


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