Annie’s Puppies ~ We’re Two Week’s Old !!!

Happy 2nd week birthday to Annie’s puppies!   Our crew is getting pretty pudgy being camped out at the milk bar all the time!  🙂  Annie continues to be a very attentive mum.  The puppies are practicing early walking skills with wobbling around right now which is just so cute to watch!   Some of the puppies have started to open their eyes, either one or both, as you’ll see in this week’s pictures.  We are totally thrilled with their developing silky coats and beautiful faces they all have.   We’re playing Christmas CD’s in the puppy nursery and although the puppies can’t quite hear yet, Annie seems to be enjoying it!

Moving into the second stage of their development as it progresses, we’ll look forward to more mobility from everyone day by day and soon their ear canals will be open.  We cuddle and handle our babies several times a day so that they get used to human touch early on and are very comfortable with it.  This is an essential part of early socialization for them and definitely a fun part of our day!!

We hope you enjoy this week’s pictures of our new puppy family.  Thanks for watching their progress!

Red Cream Boy

Green Chocolate Girl

Light Green Cream Boy

Light Blue Chocolate Boy

Pink Chocolate Girl

Yellow Chocolate Boy


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