Annie x Xander Puppies ~ One Week Old !!

Hello Everyone!  Things are very busy here these days with settling in six beautiful puppies that Annie blessed us with last Saturday.  We welcomed 2 cream boys, 2 chocolate boys and 2 chocolate girls late in the afternoon.  Annie and her babies are doing just great and she is being a fabulous mama.   Great job Annie !!!

At this early first stage in development, the puppies are blind and cannot hear.  They are very dependent on their mum of course and stay very close to her.  Their day consists of nursing and sleeping with occasional crying when they are hungry or have moved a bit too far from mama and are seeking her.  Their ear canals will open right around the two week mark and their sense of hearing will fully develop over the course of the next few stages.

We will be taking photos and doing updates every week and a half to two weeks or so, sometimes more frequently as our time permits, so with the Christmas season upon us, the photo sessions will be particularly fun to do!

We are thrilled with our new babies and look forward to spoiling them with lots of loving and belly rubs as the weeks go on! 

We hope you enjoy the photos of our 6 little blessings!  Thanks so much for taking a peek at our new arrivals and congrats to all our wonderful new puppy families!  🙂


Blue Ribbon ~ Chocolate Boy

Red Ribbon ~ Cream Boy

Green Ribbon ~ Chocolate Girl


Pink Ribbon ~ Chocolate Girl

Lime Green Ribbon ~ Cream Boy

Yellow Ribbon ~ Chocolate Boy


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