Exciting News ~ Annie and Xander have Honeymooned! Puppies are coming !!!

Our sweet Annie and Ocean State’s handsome boy, Xander, have honeymooned.  PICTURES ARE POSTED BELOW.  We are thrilled about this couple’s upcoming Australian labradoodle puppies.  We’re expecting stunning chocolate pups and cream puppies with caramel highlighting making this an extraordinary litter!!  These puppies will mature to small medium to medium size (32-40 pounds) and will have awesome fleece coats.  Both Xander and Annie have outstanding conformation and coats that feel just like velvet, making them very low maintenance for grooming.  Personalities and temperaments of both parents are that of very sweet, gentle and loving souls; best described, they both have that “floppy doodle” sweet personality!!  Thank you Stef for allowing your Xander to sire Annie’s beautiful litter!!!

A limited number of additional applications are being accepted and if interested, please feel free to call me at 717-870-0659 or e-mail vickityson@comcast.net.  Thanks so much for considering one of our puppies from this gorgeous litter!!!



HANDSOME “XANDER” of Ocean State Labradoodles

"Xander" Handsome Boy of Ocean State Labradoodles


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