Cammie and Daisy Litters’ Homecoming!!!

Hello everyone!  To update at eight weeks, Cammie’s puppies have gone to their forever homes last weekend and this weekend, Daisy’s puppies will go to theirs.  We’ve had the pleasure of raising these two litters of beautiful and sweet puppies who have amazing families to provide them loving homes!  We’d like to thank all our wonderful puppy folks who were so delightful to work with over the last several weeks and wish them all much joy and happiness with their new member of the family.  We’ve posted pictures of both litters below as their last photos with us.  We will surely miss our precious puppies we’ve raised, but we know they are joining awesome families who will love them as much as we have!  We hope you enjoy their pictures posted below…….:)

Cammie’s Puppies ~

"Callie" Pink Girl ~ Bingham Family

"Clifford" Blue Boy ~ Karlak Family

"Clancy" Black Ribbon Boy ~ Peritore Family

"Carmella" Lime Girl ~ Sekar Family

"Clement" Green Boy ~ Alfarone Family

"Cinnie" Yellow Girl ~ Esquivel Family

Daisy Puppies ~

"Dakota" Pink Girl ~ Cooper Family

"Demi'" Yellow Girl ~ Gitomer Family


"Delilah" Lime Girl ~ Vernese Family

"Dewey" Black Ribbon Boy ~ Robinson Family

"Digby" Green Boy ~ Nohe Family

"Doonesbury" Blue Boy ~ Veitch Family


"Duffy" Red Boy ~ Warznak Family




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