Hi everyone!  We’re a few days early in posting pics of Daisy’s pups, but we were all in a creative mood today so we thought we’d do their photo session this afternoon.  Today was particularly busy with nail trims again and pictures.  As you can see from the photos, the pups are growing by leaps and bounds and now have started weaning onto puppy “mush.”  They love it!!  They will continue to have lots of mama time yet, but are quickly becoming more independent by the day.  At this stage, the puppies like to do lots of play-fighting with their siblings, batting noses and gnawing on tails and ears. 

Thanks for following our Daisy puppies along…we hope you enjoy pics of them as they turn 4 week’s old!!

" Dakota "

" Demi' "

" Delilah "

" Dewey "

" Digby "

" Doonesbury "

" Duffy "

Here are some more fun pics taken this afternoon !!

" Yes, we KNOW you are adorable !!!

" I refuse to look at you, get me outta here !! "


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