Cammie Puppies ~ A Month Old

Hi everyone ~  Oh my goodness….look at how much our Cammie puppies have grown!  They’re turning into quite an entertaining crew, doing more interaction with one another, play-biting and using some tricky wrestling moves on their littermates.  They’re so comical to watch, I can’t get any serious work done these days!  I felt some teeth the other day on my toes during playtime  so mama Cam is definitely ready to start the weaning process.  Special note to our puppy families…..We’ll be doing another photo session for you in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for taking a peek at our growing “babies”! 







We captured some especially adorable misc pics of the pups this week ~ hope you all enjoy them!! ……………..

"What is this wonderful scent???"

"Love this bed Mom but how bout' a bigger one???"

"And so...who are you??"


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